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VACUETTE® Trace Element tubes

Trace element tubes contain either sodium heparin or clot activator and are used to test trace elements such as Cu, Zn, Pb, etc.

Item No. Cap type Tube size Filling Volume Additive / Description Sample Case Price
456080 Twist 13 x 100 6 ml Na Hep (Trace Elements) whole blood 650.60
455060 Pull 16 x 100 9 ml Clot Activator (Trace Elements) Serum 578.31
455061 Pull 16 x 100 9 ml Na Hep (Trace Elements) whole blood 650.60
455062 Pull 16 x 100 9 ml K3EDTA (Trace Element) whole blood 650.60
456043 Twist 13/100 6 ml EDTA K3 whole blood 632.53

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